Print Ordering - John Gill Photography

Print Ordering Information

This site is an e-commerce site.  Prints may be ordered by clicking the "Buy Photos" button and completing the needed information.  To see prices and sizes, click on Buy Photos, This Photo, then Paper Prints to reveal prices and sizes.  One can "X" out of this menu at any time before an actual purchase.  

The photo lab associated with this site is excellent and prompt.  The images in most galleries have a height  x width ratio of 2 x 3.  Therefore the print sizes available for order correspond to that ratio so the image won't be cropped.  A few of the bird galleries and the "Wide Prints" gallery have different aspect ratios so the print sizes available for those galleries differ.  When choosing a print size, in a gallery showing small birds like a chickadee, it makes no sense to order a large print, so small sizes are available for those images.  Conversely, in other galleries there are many beautiful landscapes.   These images look better when printed in larger sizes which enable the viewer to visually get into the scene.  

For most wall decor with landscapes, we recommend a minimum print size of 12" x 18", with 16" x 24" being better.  These sizes do not include mat and frame.  For the many commercial orders we have filled, 16" x 24" prints were the most commonly chosen size.  Choose as you like, remembering that a tiny print on a large wall is not the best.  When purchasing, there is a choice of photo papers.  We feel that Lustre paper is best for most applications.  If the buyer is familiar with the high gloss look of metallic paper, they may choose that option.  Prints may be purchased unframed and unmounted.  We also offer prints on metal that come with a float mount that is flush with the side.  These are found under "Wall Decor" after clicking "Buy Photos".

Framing options are available for paper prints but we have a suggestion.  Since the lab for this site offers only a 2" mat, in our opinion this is fine for 8"x10" or 8"x12" sizes only.   A 2" mat is really inadequate for any size larger than that, which should have a 3" mat at minimum.  Therefore, for most print sizes we suggest ordering the print only and taking it to a local framing shop.  When there, you can choose the best mat and frame with the image right in front of you.  The framer can also offer options like a double mat.  These suggestions are based on many years of professional experience.

We trust that you will love your print as much as we love the natural world it represents.